Become a leader in education

An online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Program for those who see things differently.

Our students see things differently.

Mills College prepares practitioners and change makers in the field of education for leadership in settings inside and beyond the classroom, including policy and advocacy roles. Recipients of the online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership will go on to become luminaries and pioneers in their institutions through a community built on self-expression, critical reflection, and the desire to change the world for the better.

Key Learning Outcomes


What: Become a leader who organizes teams and develops thoughtful and intentional curricula from both a high-level and on-the-ground perspective, approaching any issue with compassion, ethics, and grit.

How: A purposeful implementation of research tools and an application of inquiry methods and change theory in strategic planning, implementation, and assessment, performed in collaboration with teaching and learning constituencies.


What: A breadth of management strategies and methods to ensure that you are comfortable and successful in positions managing teams, employees, and fiscal resources.

How: A collaborative model of leadership that values inclusiveness, collaboration, and information sharing.


What: An approach to organization, infrastructure, and the planning of programs and initiatives across the fields of education and youth services. You will also develop critical skills needed to assess progress and possibilities—of individual students, teams, and systems.

How: A leadership model grounded in knowledge of teaching and learning, administrative guidance in curriculum development, and use of change theories and strategies in meeting the legal, ethical, social, and fiscal demands that leaders will inevitably confront.

Social Impact

What: For over a century, Mills has had a reputation as a community and institution acutely concerned with social justice and achieving equity. As a Mills student, you will follow a tradition of social consciousness and learn to gear your decisions, practice, and communities toward change for the better.

How: A learning model that is focused on implementing organizational change through the growth and development of all stakeholders.

Curriculum Key Skills

To reach our stated goal of developing your abilities so that you can pursue positions in educational leadership, we have identified four core competencies that you must be able to perform upon program completion.

Key Dates

January 20, 2022

Term Start