Tuition & Financial Aid

At Mills, making our graduate programs affordable and accessible is central to our mission. While our tuition is competitive with other top graduate programs across the country, we don’t want cost to be the barrier that prevents talented, promising students from experiencing the best that Mills has to offer. With greater accessibility comes greater diversity, the lifeblood of the Mills experience.

As part of our commitment to putting an advanced degree within your reach, our graduate departments offer financial aid. Visit this page to discover additional forms of financial aid for graduate students and the simple steps you’ll need to complete to apply for aid from Mills and from the federal government. Know that we are here to help.

October 7, 2021

Priority Submit Deadline

Application fee waived

November 4, 2021

Final Submit Deadline

November 18, 2021

Final Complete Deadline

January 20, 2022

Term Start

Value of a Mills Education

No cost conversation is complete without considering the value of a Mills education. Our alumnae take the skills they learned at Mills to become independent thinkers, creative problem solvers, and collaborative leaders. See where Mills graduates go, and meet Mills alumnae who are making a statement in their careers and communities.

Cost Per Credit (Fall 2020 Onward)


Total Credits


Total Approximate Program Cost

$30,000 + Fees

Estimated Cost of Attendence

Direct Expenses Per Term (Fall 2020 - Summer 2021)

Tuition ($750/Credit*)$6,000
Campus Comprehensive Fee$283
($6,383 in first term)

Indirect Expenses Per Term (Fall 2020 - Summer 2021)

Books and Supplies (estimate)$806
Average Loan Fee$74
Total Direct and Indirect Expenses Per Term$7,163
($7,263 in first term)

Payment Plan Estimated Bill (Direct expenses only)

5-Month Payment Plan
(Aug 1 - Dec 1 Fall Term or Jan 2 - May 1 Spring Term)
*6-Month Payment Plan
(July 15 - Dec 15 Fall Term or Jan 15 - June 15 Spring Term )
3-Month Payment Plan (Summer Only)
(May 1 - July 1)

*Students who wish to choose the six-month option must enroll in this plan before July 15 for the Fall semester and before January 15 for the Spring semester. In the first term, the $100 Program Fee will be added to the payment plan total.

Is This a Good Investment?

Graduates from programs like ours often find employment in a range of educational leadership positions. Each graduate is unique though, and you should evaluate your personal goals after graduation in order to assess your expected payback.

JobAverage Salary
Organizational Development Director$124,524
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers$108,270
Senior Learning and Development Specialist$103,090
Social and Community Service Managers$82,180
University Professor$76,990


Additional Financial Support

Departmental scholarships are offered through the School of Education at the time of admission. Offers extended are granted as per credit discounts. When viewing the full financial aid award, the scholarship will be deducted from your tuition expenses for the academic year. This award is automatically deducted and does not require you to submit any additional paperwork. Typical scholarship awards are up to $8000 for the entire program.

Federal Financial Aid

Typically, depending on eligibility, students may receive a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and can apply for a Federal Grad PLUS loan and have enough funding to cover the entire cost of tuition and attendance. If you are applying for federal financial aid, you should apply for aid by using the FAFSA concurrently with your application to the program. (FAFSA Code = 001238)

Planning for Your Aid Year

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

All students considering a leave of absence or withdrawal should refer to the Leave of Absence and Withdrawal sections in the Academic Regulations part of the catalog for the official procedure. All financial aid recipients considering a leave of absence or withdrawal should also review the Return of Federal, State, and Institutional Financial Aid Policy in the Financial Aid section of the catalog.

The leave of absence/withdrawal date is the date the student provides notification to the Division of Student Life of their intent to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the College. Once a student has completed the procedure for a leave of absence or withdrawal from the College, a tuition adjustment will be applied to their student account which, in turn, may or may not result in a refund to the student. A student will receive a refund only if there is a credit balance on the student’s account after the tuition adjustment has been made and after federal, institutional, and/or state financial aid has been returned to the programs, according to the Return of Federal, State, and Institutional Financial Aid Policy.

No mandatory fees, such as the student and tech fees if enrolled in a payment plan, will be credited as of the first day of instruction.

Official Date of Notification


Before first day of instructionAll tuition charges and fees credited 100%.
Enrollment deposit is forfeited.
First day of instruction through add deadlineCredited 90% of tuition charges only.
Mandatory fees will not be credited and the enrollment deposit is forfeited.
The Student Health Plan charge will be credited 100% only if neither the student nor their dependents (if dependent coverage is purchased) have used any health services.
After add deadlineNo credit of any tuition or fees including the Student Health Plan charge.
Enrollment deposit is forfeited.

This policy is only for tuition and fees related to your registration.

For information regarding the refund process see the graduate Catalog. Online students who reside outside of California may be subject to a statutory refund policy in their home state.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about cost and aid for our graduate programs, please reach out to us at 510.295.4788 or email to connect with your admission counselor. They’ll be able to provide you with general information, and they can refer you to a financial aid specialist for more detailed assistance.

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