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Key Facts
Priority Application Deadline
March 25, 2019
Final Application Deadline
April 15, 2019
Classes Start
May 20, 2019
Program Length
18 Months, Part Time

Our program aims to bolster leadership competencies in students who wish to pursue positions in educational leadership, whether in schools, or outside the classroom. The following four key learning outcomes have been identified as skills that graduates must be able to perform upon program completion:

Our leaders can: * Identify their philosophical orientation and have a moral/ethical grounding * Implement curricular change through creating learning environments where teachers and students thrive * Intentionally organize teams to develop new curricular approaches * Identify and organize high quality professional development and can create plans for implementation * Implement change through improving teaching and learning

  • Create with others an inclusive community of learners
  • Identify issues and approaches in evaluation
  • Evaluate and design program improvement
  • Evaluate effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of policies and programs
  • Apply a systems perspective to effectively guide change of the educational community
  • Identify and analyze the origins of school fiscal/non-fiscal resources
  • Manage the budget planning and implementation process as driven by multiple priorities
  • Manage human resources for a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of the political nature of education and its impact on the community
  • Work effectively by respecting and having empathy for constituent groups with multiple perspectives
  • Manage program development in the context of competing interests
  • Exhibit the ability to operationalize legal and regulatory requirements concepts of legal processes and organizational resources
  • Promote awareness and understanding of diverse populations in the school and community
  • Collaborate and develop relationships with community stakeholders to address conditions that affect learning